Export Documents Add-On

A/R Invoice

Export Documents Add-on primarily depends on A/R Invoice form of SAP B1, which contains all export related fields as UDF’s or in some cases UDT’s link to respective UDF’s.

Some UDF’s list includes,

Port of Loading, Port of Discharge, Place of Delivery, Container No, Container Size, Shipper Seal No, Shipping Mark, Shipping Line, Bill of Lading No & date, Sailing date, Vessel No & date etc.

Commercial Invoice, Packing List & 10+2 documents can be generated at the time of creation of A/R Invoice in SAP B1, while other documents like Covering Letter to Bank, Customer, Bill of Exchange, Certificate of Origin etc. can be created through SAP B1 as the information from Shipping line (B/L) gathered.

Commercial Invoice

It is the document that is to be forwarded to bank & to customer in customer’ s currency, It describes all shipment related information with product code with description and their respective quantity, rate, total amount, also freight charges to be barred by customers is shown.

Packing List

It is the duplicate copy of commercial invoice without describing rate & amount in it.

Export Documents

As per requirement (Country Specific), Logistic user selects the document that is to be forwarded to customer.

Covering Letter to Bank

It includes general information of customer, their bank details with list of documents that are attached with the actual documentation.

Covering Letter to Customer

This document is submitted to customer in case of advanced part payment is received from customer, It doesn’t show any information related to bank like(Name, Address etc.).

Request Letter to Bank

It includes copies that are attached with documentation set, with Shipping Bill no & date and B/L no & date with house bank A/C No & branch.

Packing Declaration

It displays product is packed in certified packing material or not & statement is attached with it or not.

Bill of Exchange

These (set of two BOE) is submitted to bank to validate that invoice is mad against customer with some amount & payment will be released as per payment terms specified.

Shipment Details

In some countries Shipment details is submitted individually with respect to invoice, it includes all shipment related details like ETA, BL no & date, Port of Lading, Vessel no & date etc.

Certificate of Origin(IMC/GSP)

In Russia & European countries GSP is generated while in other countries IMC is generated along with documentation, It is a Certificate that specifies that product is manufactured in India.

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