Discrete Manufacturing Add-On

Discrete Manufacturing is mostly a straight-forward yet challenging process. There are multiple sub-operations where timing is critical.  Capacities of both labour and manpower can be bottlenecks, Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory can become critical and accurate reporting is extremely crucial. SAP Business One provides the tools to manage all that and more. Those companies making everything from auto parts to surgical equipment to spacecraft components to pill bottles all need integrated systems to smooth out the flow.

Our discrete manufacturing add-On takes away the complexity in the manufacturing industry with its seamless workflow that helps you better manage supply chain, quality, routing, sub-contractors, reporting and more.

Key Features

  • Manageability of multiple manufacturing units / branches.

  • Manage machine groups through work centre.

  • Work station master & management.

  • Work centre based on a unique code and description.

  • Calculate work centre cost per hour.

  • Cost centre management for individual work centres.

  • Weekdays based operation management.

  • Possibility of routing and defining sequence for operations.

Key Functionalities

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

BOM describes the end product in terms of its components, formulas, sub-assemblies and other resources like machine & labour hours per unit of assembly structure. It contains a list of measures to manage end products packaging as well as sub-assemblies manufacturing at various stages of production defined in routing.

Our BOM structure has a provision to define average percentage, calculation of weight of assemblies based on weight of each component and total unit price of the assembly including machine & labour charges.

Our add-on also consists of BOM creation in SAP Business One from any CAD tool like Autocad, ProE or Solidworks for seamless integration with design process.

Job sheets & Job cards

Our add-on creates job sheet based on specific sales orders received per finished product and provides a manufacturing schedule based on delivery schedule of the sales order. These job sheets can be further converted into individual job cards per item and machine for which it is to be produced in a specific shift schedule.

Resource Master & Resource Capacity

Resource master can be used to define machine & labour hours required to produce an assembly or finished product. It is directly linked to the BOM and to the production order for calculating total direct cost of production. These resources can also be used for capacity planning of production schedule based on availability of machines & labour resources.

Routing & Route Card

Routing helps to plan and govern the production process flawlessly. It establishes employee and machine details with their preparation time and processing time.

Contract Manufacturing

The job work or sub-contracting process can be defined as part of routing and its integrated with rest of the production process and inventory management.

Bar Code Labels

Product labels with customer specific information along with bar code for item number, quantity, batch / serial numbers and weight can be generated for assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Our quality management add-on implements an integrated solution to map quality processes in manufacturing industries. Placing great emphasis on quality assurance, it addresses multiple issues pertaining to quality checks, quantitative & qualitative parameters for individual items, and multiple sample size, quality control for batches and serial number.

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