Quality Management Add-On

Quality Management is an integral part of any manufacturing operations set-up. Usually, quality control related inspections are carried out during incoming receipts, in-process activities, in house production and pre-dispatch. In addition to this, process industries also need to keep a track of process parameters at different stages.

Our Quality Management add-on implements an integrated solution to map quality processes in manufacturing industries. This solution has been developed to cater to different scenarios of quality assurance process. This extensive add-on to SAP Business One facilitates organizations to track their Quality Checks on the basis of business specific parameters and actionable information. Placing great emphasis on quality assurance, our Quality Management add-on addresses multiple issues pertaining to quality checks, quantitative & qualitative parameters for individual items, and multiple sample size, quality control for batches and serial number.

Key Features

  • Identification of RM / SF / FG items that require rigorous quality check.
  • Provision to define Quality Warehouse for different stages/process.
  • Can manage Approved, Partial Approved, Rejected, Re-workable quantity
  • Can Perform multiple sample size, quality control for batches and serial number.
  • Can generate individual Quality Control stage report as well as consolidate report.
  • Master Data Creation / Updation and User authorisation process step.
  • Quality check for incoming, outgoing and in-process material.
  • Process Parameters, Defect Master, and Result analysis.


Ability to carry out Quality Management activities during

  • Incoming material receipt
  • In process
  • In house production
  • Pre-dispatch

Quality Control Master Data

  • Process Parameters
  • Work Center
  • Inspection plan
  • Defects Master

Quality Inspection

  • Sample Management
  • Inspection by Batch Numbers
  • Inspection by Serial Numbers
  • Results recording
  • Usage Decision for Approval, Partial Approval or Rejection
  • Recording Sample Loss

Inventory Transfer & Quality Certificate Generation

  • Transfer inventory to warehouse directly based on quality inspection.
  • Selection of Batch Numbers & Serial Numbers on Inventory Transfer
  • Print Labels for each batch
  • Generate Quality Inspection Report

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