SAP Business One, a trusted ERP solution for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Industry

Supporting all operations for project execution and budget management

    Maintaining project-specific tasks and overseeing budgets is crucial for EPC companies operating in a project-centric manner. Completing projects within budget and on schedule is a pivotal success factor.

    Key features of SAP Business One and related RPM Add-Ons

    Financials and Accounting

    Tailored for EPC Businesses

    Customized solution is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) businesses.

    Sap Sales and Customer Relationship

    Comprehensive Project and Budget Management

    Our solution provides comprehensive support for project planning, execution, and tracking, allowing EPC firms to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

    Purchase, Inventory & Warehouse

    Streamlined procurement and supply chain

    Streamlined procurement and supply chain processes enable timely material delivery, optimize vendor relationship management, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately reducing costs for EPC businesses.

    Production, Planning and Control

    Integration with Standard Processes and Finances

    Integrated financial management feature ensures real-time financial control and compliance for EPC companies by integrating project cost visibility, budgeting, invoicing, and revenue recognition, thus ensuring financial control and compliance across all projects.

    Quality and Project Management

    User-Friendly, Flexible, and Customisable

    Our solution is flexible and user-friendly, offering customizable user-defined fields, business rule enforcement, and customized software development to cater to specific business scenarios.

    Reports, Analytics & Mobility

    Cloud-Based for Anytime Accessibility

    Utilizes cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring access anytime and anywhere.

    Key components of RPM Infotech’s Add-On solution for EPC companies:

    RPM Infotech’s “Budget sheet” Add-On

    1.  The budget for a project begins with the definition of the Actual Budget, which will only be visible to the Project Controller and Higher Management. This allows them to make informed decisions.
    2.  The Adapted Budget defined in the Project management window is derived from the Actual Budget.
    3.  Clicking on PO Details will provide a list of all items that have been procured for the Project.

    RPM Infotech’s “Payment Terms” Add-On for Project Management

    1.  The Payment will include the Conditions, Term Description, Percentage, and Currency.
    2.  The Total percentage should always be equal to 100, otherwise the system won’t allow the document to be added.
    3.  Based on the payment terms, will generate payment release advice for outgoing payment

    RPM Infotech’s “Payment Release Advice” Add-On for Project Management

    1.  The Payment Release Advice is a document that is generated to request payment for a project. It is based on the payment terms mentioned in the purchase order.
    2. This process is designed to prevent overpayment by ensuring that payments are made according to the specific payment terms mentioned in the purchase order.

    Our Clients

    About RPM Infotech

    RPM Infotech Consulting Pvt. Ltd. ­- a SAP Gold Partner located in Mumbai, India is specialized in providing SAP ERP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    Our main focus is on implementing SAP Business One, an end-to-end business process solution that helps our clients manage and grow their businesses in today’s digital economy. We have offices in Mumbai, the economic capital of India, and Pune, as well as an office in New Jersey, USA, to serve our customers in the USA and other countries outside of India.

    We are a leading developer of SAP B1 “Add-ons” for the Pharmaceutical, Process, and Discrete Manufacturing Industry. We offer solutions to integrate Business One with various e-commerce and third-party solutions, which demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the solutions they need to manage their businesses better. Our add-on solutions have been adopted by customers across multiple industries to extend the power of the SAP Business One platform, streamline their operations, and improve their return on investment. From managing prospects to shipping orders, we offer a one-stop shop for SAP Business One users.

    Over the years, RPM has successfully implemented solutions across a variety of industry verticals, including Chemical, Pharmaceutical, API, Intermediates Manufacturing, Mechanical, Engineering, Construction, Project Management, Consumer Products, e-commerce, and International Trading.