SAP EPM Consulting

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a type of business planning that relates to business intelligence (BI), which involves evaluating and managing performance for an enterprise to reach performance goals, enhance efficiency or maximize business processes.

At RPM Infotech outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We offer world-wide advice and support in designing and implementing financial and operational models and training the end-users within your company – from short-term measures to long-term projects, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. We provide complete and sustainable solutions from A to Z. Our unparalleled advice, backed by many years of experienced consultants and expertise, sets us apart from all other consulting companies.

EPM is used to determine how to optimize performance and create more profit or value for the enterprise.


For gaining insight to manage and measure business plans and to enable proactive, rather than reactive, business tactics

Keys functionalities

We automate the complete process of target setting, Budgeting/Annual Operating Plan (AOP), Forecasting and MIS using SAP BPC solution. We also suggest and map best practices for budgeting

For cost and profitability reporting, process costing, IT and other services costing, cross-charging, and resource and capacity planning

Keys functionalities
• Allows business users to accurately and effectively measure product, customer, and channel profitability and develop and dynamically test out ways to improve them
• Using PCM, one can leverage a comprehensive functionality for cost and profitability reporting, process costing, IT and other services costing
• Cross-charging and resource and capacity planning

For managing financial risk, control cash and investments, and regulatory compliance

Keys functionalities

• Deal capture
• Derivatives pricing (Forex, Interest Rates, Commodities)
• Treasury re-valuation
• Cash Flow and estimated forecasts

• Holding and subsidiaries exposures
• Risk management with limits control and alerts
• IAS 39 hedge effectiveness
• IFRS reporting

For maximizing strategic and operational effectiveness

Keys functionalities

• Access controls – Control access and authorizations across your enterprise
• Process controls – End-to-end, cross-enterprise business process control
• Risk management – Risk-adjusted management of enterprise performance

• Global trade services – Streamline your cross-border transactions
• Ensure environment, health and safety oversight

For defining strategy to ensure its alignment with corporate goals

Keys functionalities

We use SAP Strategy Management (SSM) solution to define and prioritise strategy and to bridge the gap between strategy and its execution. We assess and measure whether a company is performing activities to achieve its strategic vision and mission.

For meeting all legal and management reporting requirements with an automated and robust consolidation process

Keys functionalities

• Statutory and management consolidation
• Automatic inter-company matching and elimination
• Automatic multi-currency conversion and CTA/FCTR calculation
• Automatic equity calculation and reconciliation

• Multiple consolidation scope management and multi-scope journals
• Complex ownership structure management by period
• Support for multi-Gaap (IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP) and segmental analysis
• Cash Flow calculation

For implementation of consolidation and reporting system readiness as per IFRS

Keys functionalities
• BPC comes with an IFRS Accelerator Kit to quicken the IFRS implementation process
• The Kit supports faster implementation of consolidation as per IFRS

For producing accurate and timely financial reports while complying with evolving accounting standards

Keys functionalities

• Parallel accounting by managing several parallel ledgers for different accounting principles
• Integration of legal and management reporting using features like Profit Center Accounting functions, which are integrated with General Ledger Accounting (including Financial Statement generation facility)
• Segment reporting required by the accounting principles IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and US GAAP by introducing the Segment dimension
• Cost of Sales accounting in General Ledger Accounting using the Functional Area dimension

For accelerating and streamlining financial close

Keys functionalities

• Event-based scheduling and execution
• Job chains
• Automation of tasks


EPM Closed Loop will allow to maximize profitability, reduce operational costs, minimize risk and improve stakeholder confidence. To be effective, you need reliable, up-to-date financial and operational data for planning purposes as well as budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and statutory and management reporting.

You need the ability to seamlessly integrate corporate and departmental planning, intelligently model cost scenarios and perform sensitivity analysis to determine operational budgets based on strategic plans and assumptions.

Additionally, you need a way to ensure a fully-documented audit trail and compliance with regulatory mandates for consolidating and reporting company information, both externally and internally






Strategy Management

Reporting and Analytics